Why do you need a Panelift Garage for your new car

Most homes now have bigger garages compared to some years back when they could keep only one vehicle. Nowadays, the trend has shifted, and a garage can fit more than three vehicles. For instance, more than 23 percent of houses in the United States have garages large enough to keep three or more vehicles. While there is no problem with having a big garage, it is important to ensure that the garage doors are reliable and can be opened easily. Therefore, do not overlook the benefits of your garage door when renovating or building your home. One of the best doors that you should consider for your garage is the panelift. Why should you go for a panelift garage for your new car?

A Panelift Garage is Durable

You do not need to waste your time repairing your garage door frequently. Try a panelift door to avoid such scenarios since it can work for many years before the need for repair. The durability is enhanced by factory internally fitted hinges that do not need regular maintenance and the extra panel for reinforcement in bigger doors.

Noiseless When Operating

You want your home, including the garage, to be quiet and peaceful. The panelift garage is designed to be noiseless when closing or opening; hence, is suitable for your garage door. The quietness of this door is reinforced by the molded glass track curve and factory internally fitted hinge system that allows the door to move smoothly and noiselessly. It also has nylon wheels with rounded bearings to ensure the smooth running.

Home Safety

The panelift garage provides safety for your family members when they are operating the door. This is enhanced by features such as exceptional panel edge and hinge system designed to prevent fingers from being trapped on the sides of the door. The features include roll-over edges on the panels, reinforcement, and stiles as well as the wheels and tracks that do not stick out of the door. Moreover, reinforcing rail has end caps instead of sharp edges; thus, also prevent injuries.

Protection from Harsh Weather

The ability to prevent harsh weather including rain and strong winds from damaging your property is important for your garage. The panelift garage provides this necessary protection due to its unique features such as soft and flexible bottom with a weather seal. These seals prevent hurricanes and rain from entering the garage from below. It also has side sealing to close gaps between the jamb and door.

Auto-lock Capability

With the modern technology, the panelift garage doors are keyless; hence, you can easily lock using a remote control. This assures of maximum safety especially with the double strength of the lock. The locks come with the doors; thus, you do not need to worry about where to get them.

There are many types of garage doors; the type that you choose will determine several factors in your home including safety, efficiency, and value. The better the technology involved in your garage, the more efficient and safe it is. By choosing a panelift garage, therefore, you will have opted for the most recent technology that will make your car safer and gives you the peace of mind.

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