Four practical gifts for your new drivers who’ve just passed their test

It’s the time of year when young people are preparing to head off to university or into college. Which means lots of people passing their driving tests and getting their first cars. For parents, or very conscientious friends, here are four great gifts for new drivers to celebrate passing their tests!


Personalised license plate

Personalised licence plates are perfect for car lovers. Your first car is your best friend, especially as you race (within the speed limit) to university. Give your son/daughter an extra personal car with a vanity plate of their initials or date of birth.

You can also get these plates in special colours so they’ll stand out in the University parking lot or on campus. They’ll be extra prideful of their four wheels and it’ll also make finding their car a bit easier while their getting used to their new home.

A Sat Nav

It might seem a bit old school, but having a sat nav for your child’s car is a great way to ensure they don’t get lost or distracted using their phone’s navigation while driving. With all the potential distractions on the road, keeping them to the minimum – your route, traffic issues or alert – will help keep them safe on the road.

Whether it’s getting them home for the weekend laundry run, or around town with their friends, having a route planner built into the car is always useful and will help reassure you that they’re getting where they need to go.

Hands-free device holder

With mobile phone usage only increasing, the authorities are clamping down on their use in cars. Getting caught could cause a new driver a fine and loss of their licence. If they are determined to use their phone, or if you don’t want the extra expense of buying a sat nav, you can get them a hand-free phone holder.

Readily available and easy to affix to their vehicles, a hands-free device holder for your son/daughter’s car will make sure they are only using their phones when needed. You can also include car chargers to keep the battery going on long journeys.

Pass Plus

With one in four drivers aged between 18-24 having a car accident within the first two years of passing their test, a Pass Plus course is a good way to help your newly qualified driver be more safe on the road. If you’re still feeling like an overprotective parent, then a Pass Plus course might just be what will settle your nerves.

From driving on the motorway, to driving at night, a Pass Plus course provides more time for a new driver to focus on key areas to help them become a more well rounded driver. It can also help to bring down the cost of insurance as well as helping your son/daughter gain more experience on the road.

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