Why Aluminum is King in Truck Bodies

If you are looking for a truck body, there are many reasons why Aluminum is king. This is especially true for those in need of utility and service bodies that will definitely pay for themselves. The first thing you need to know is the fact that you should be unique and very different in your business. The service body and the biggest tool you have should depict some seriousness. This is achieved by going for service body materials that save you money and time.

Truck body deserves sturdy components    

Rust is the last thing you need in your truck. With aluminum, you have a material capable of making the lightest but the toughest bodies around. Lots of the metals are used in making pickups and trucks, a material that does not corrode. If you have no idea, cracking and rust is the worst threat to most service bodies. This is true mostly for people living in areas where ice control is done using salt and metals like steel cannot hold up against the salt whether a fancy coating has been added or not.

On the outside, they might look awesome but underneath they could be falling apart as the salt blasts them up. Such service bodies will not last for more than 12 months, meaning you will be making a serious loss. Those who use fiberglass see their bodies cracking and repairs are very tough to carry out apart from being very expensive. Aluminum such as the marine grade type is highly used today across the world, especially by boat and truck manufacturers. Painting to prevent rust will not be necessary.

Light weight body

With a lightweight truck body you will save a lot of fuel including the saving of wear and tear on your truck. Obviously, a lot of fuel is used to move heavy trucks made of other types of metals making such trucks expensive to maintain. Compared to fiberglass or average steel service bodies that range from 600 to 1000 pounds, an aluminum service body saves you about twenty cents for every mile since it is 600-1000 pounds lighter. In case you are covering 20,000 miles annually, you need to multiply the miles you put per year by twenty cents (20,000 x 0.20) which is about $4,000. It is safe to say there is a lot you can do with that money especially for your business.

Resale value

The average size of a serviced body made of aluminum in terms of resale value compares sharply with one made of fiberglass or steel, especially after a couple of years of usage. Fiberglass or steel service body resale value is estimated to be within the $500-$2000 bracket if it is in good shape while that of aluminum also in good shape range from $4,000 to $6,000.

In fact, a service body made of aluminum can be transferred to a new truck you might have bought, especially because steel beds are more expensive to transfer, sometimes more than the value of the body. By adding a coat of paint to an aluminum service body, you will have a body that appears brand new.

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