What to Consider before Buying an Electric Car

There has been a growth in sales of electric cars in the UK, and several factors are attributed to it, including the increasing price of fuel, looming car taxes and complicated emission control systems. Many drivers see electric vehicles as more suitable for them compared to diesel or petrol cars. This alternative to conventional vehicles offers many advantages, which is probably why many people are being attracted to switch to it. However, there is a lot to consider when buying one, because electric cars still have limitations, so it is not for everyone.




Location is important because electric vehicles are suitable for use near major cities and towns. Charging points tend to be located on main routes, so if you are far from these spots, driving electric cars might be difficult for you. Aside from your location, consider your home as well. It is ideal if you have a garage or driveway that will fit a charging station. Some companies offer to plumb charging stations directly into a property’s power supply. Some apartments provide spaces where tenants can charge electric cars.


Driving habits


Electric vehicles are now available in a wide range of models, with some capable of running 100 miles on a full charge. However, expect to pay more for these cars. Conventional cars may still be better when you regularly take long trips. Electric cars are not yet fully developed for long trips without stopping and charging.

If you have a more predictable travel pattern at a reasonable distance, electric cars can work for you. An electric car is suitable for you if you drive at an average speed of 100 to 150 kilometres and about 40 kilometres a day. It is also a good second car. Most electric vehicles offer a shorter range. Even if there are charging points you can pass by, the time it takes to fully charge these cars can take hours. Thus, the number of miles you need to drive on a regular basis is an important consideration when buying electric cars.


New or used?


Used electric cars are more affordable, but you have to watch out for the health of the battery, the vehicle’s licensing and paper work. It is not difficult to find second-hand electric cars these days with early buyers trading in and up. Test the battery range and overall performance when going for a second-hand car. When buying new, you have a range of selections to choose from because car companies have increased their production of electric vehicles.




Batteries for electric cars come in a variety of sizes. To know which one is right for you, consider your driving habits. Why buy a 40 or 50kWh if 24kWh is enough? Larger batteries are more expensive and heavier. The size of the battery you need is similar to deciding the fuel type or engine size of a car.


If you think an electric car is just not right for you, there are options such as plug-in hybrids and hybrids. There is still no fuel needed if you choose to run on pure electric power, or fill it up with fuel when necessary, just like traditional cars.


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