Vital Safety Tips for All Truck Owner Operators

Just like driving, a car, driving a tractor trailer carries with it much responsibility, even more so than a private vehicle, in fact. After all, you have a commercial driver’s license, and have a sacred obligation to drive safely. To do so, you should be sure to keep these safe driving tips in mind:


  • Cellphone dangers: Talking on your cellphone when you drive, even on a hands-free device, will reduce your driving brain activity by almost 40 percent. It is always a good idea to take cellphone calls when you are resting and not behind the wheel.

  • Buckle up: Some truck drivers have never had an accident, so they don’t think they need to wear a seat belt. This is foolish. Did you know your chances of being killed in a crash increase 25 times when you don’t wear a seatbelt?

  • Pay attention to conditions: Some believe that because they have a lot of experience and have never crashed, there is no need to pay particular attention to road conditions. However, bad weather contributes to 25 percent of all big rig fatal crashes. If the road is wet, reduce your flatbed trucking companies speed by at least one-third.

  • Don’t speed: Most of the speed signs you see on curved exit ramps, for example, are suggested speeds for cars. Obviously, in a big rig, you should go a lot slower. Many studies suggest that big trucks lose control on curves because they are going faster than they should.

  • Always check blind spots: Many car drivers are unaware of the large blind spots on trucks. That’s why it is wise to check your side mirrors every five to 10 seconds to be sure no one is hanging out in your blind spots.

  • Never drive when sleepy: Being awake without rest for 18 hours is like having a blood alcohol content of .08.

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