Top tips to Boost Car Wash Sales

Washing bays business is becoming very popular as seen from the business statistics. There are more cars bought today than yesterday.  This business is a very good source of revenue because of the linear progress trend of auto mobiles on the market. But just as any other business, boosting sales through customer traffic is essential in order to stay in business. Business owners need to understand their customers’ behavior and manipulate it for an increment in sales and profit.

Here are seven ways auto pesula business owners can increase the sales turn around for their businesses.

Customer relationship management

Boosting sales starts with the customer relationship where customer is boss. Train your current customer care team on how to handle customers in the very best way at the washing bay. They should talk to customers politely and relate with them in a very fair and friendly manner that maintains a good reputation for the business. Sufficient support and attention should be given to customers interested in services at the washing bay Hire excellent social media mangers to monitor your business social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, IG, and website) and generate lead sales for the car wash business.

Increase brand awareness

Your washing bay business should be lifted high up in everyone’s face. Literally your target market should know about your business so as to boost sales. Conventional flyers and brochures, signposts, bill boards Facebook ads, branded items (shirts, pens, etc.) articles should be used to expand awareness about the business. This awareness exposes the business to a bigger number of people which in turn boost business sales. Participation in local community affairs is very key in promoting your business brand.


Both new and existing customers will be excited by freebies offered. This kind of sales technique in form of promotion is irresistible. Try to bundle your products and services. For instance, for every car wash, one receives a free drink or for every end month, customers who have washed their cars at the washing bay a given number of times, receive a free wash. This is a very friendly way to boost sales.

Revamp the Business Look

This may seem like an extra cost to the business that needs money but no it is not. This is a necessary cost.  Improving the business premises by changing the architecture, adding attractive features, re-painting the place gives the business a fresh looks that attracts customers. By nature, everybody likes nice beautiful things. This opportunity can be used to introduce extra services done at the washing bay, revise prices that increase business revenue.

Referral program

Existing customers actively participate in this mode of sales boost because it directly benefits them. In this program, for every new customer referred to the washing bay, the referee customer receives either a free wash or a freebie or whatsoever the business management decides on. But something is received for very referral made to the business. This mode of sales boost encourages existing customers to bring in new other customers who boost sales.


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