The decision to purchase your next vehicle

Making the decision to purchase your next vehicle is exhilarating– but along with that comes the responsibilities of being able to make a sound decision on which automotive to purchase so that you get the best value for your price point. Car buying is a tedious, detail-oriented, and at times frustrating process that can’t be avoided due to the absolute indispensability of antecedent research that must occur before a prospective option can be considered during the search for your next vehicle. Without prior expertise of the automotive world and an up-to-date briefing of the newest makes and models of various car manufacturers, car buying can become a nearly impossible task to accomplish without the assistance of some resource that can fill in where a buyer lacks any relevant knowledge needed to find a car that meets his or her every need. This reads true particularly while on the hunt for a vehicle that fits the description of various high-priority features needed by the buyer–but must also fit inside the budgeting of a specified price point. In this case, the buyer has in front of him two options to choose between to refer to should it be deemed necessary that he requires an accurate, reliable source that can give him an unbiased review and opinion on potential vehicles. The options are as follows:



Option #1: Showrooms and dealer’s lots prove beneficial in the sense that you are given an in-person review of potential automotive options with on-call assistance readily available should you have any questions or concerns. You are also presented with a wide variety of makes and models that, should the facility hold used cars, allows room for price negotiation. The downside to this, however, is that car dealers have an agenda that does not always parallel the customer’s; ultimately, a dealer’s primary focus revolves around capital gain. Not only are dealers likely to sway more towards a purchase that would require diverging from your original price point, but they are also very likely to conceal pertinent information on a car’s defects to be able to sell it at a higher value. Oftentimes automotive inadequacies aren’t physically visible outside the hood of a car, so a buyer would be completely oblivious to money going down the train in the near future due to their car requiring frequent expensive repair.

Option #2: Online Automotive Database. The most obvious issue is the simple fact that you are online; many buyers prefer to have hands-on time with a vehicle before making a finalized decision, and although pictures can give a buyer a general idea of the car’s aesthetics, they are not always fully sufficient. No test drive can be made, the buyer cannot climb into the driver’s seat of the car, smell the seat upholstery or give the tires a kick before making a final decision. This physical barrier with online car sales also reads true with price negotiations, as no haggling can be done with an in-person dealer. Online car dealerships make up for the inadequacies local dealerships present in regards to a limited pool of options that are being further narrowed by a tight budget. Online car sales allow a buyer to review the makes and models of cars from all over the world, granting a buyer an immense bank of vehicles to choose from. Online dealerships also work around the clock; doors never close online, so a review of your proponents can be done anytime of day, anytime of week, month, or year, 24/7. You also have easier access to auto comparisons since all relevant information on a car is presented to you right before your eyes on a screen, so side-by-side comparisons become possible with the simple click of a button. Online car dealerships also ensure a buyer will not succumb to the pressure of sales tactics that often coerce customers into making a purchase that breaks the bank for a vehicle that does not meet their specific needs.

Although there are outlets available for potential buyers should they find the hunt for a car too difficult to tackle independently, neither option is perfect due to the extensive list of both pros and cons. Apart from the aforementioned options, buyers can refer to as an outside outlet of information that combines all the benefits of in-person dealerships and online autobases, but also eliminates all of their shortcomings. is a reliable, thorough and accurate resource to refer to throughout the search for your next vehicle that comes with no pressure to make a purchase you were coerced into, gives you accurate information on the pros and cons of your potential options, allows users the option to decide between detailed side-by-side comparisons, provides multiple outlets for car buying advice depending on your individual needs, and can refer you to local dealerships that sell your dream car.

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