The advantages of using the motorway services

When you’re on a long journey, it’s nice to be able to break the time up with some rest stops. If you’re travelling on the motorway network, there are regular service stations that provide a wide range of facilities. These give you the opportunity to stop for something to eat and drink, freshen up and pick up supplies.

What you’ll find at service stations

Motorway service stations can be like small towns in themselves, and you’ll often be amazed at what you can find in them. They offer everything that a weary driver and their passengers will need along the journey.

The size and facilities at the different service stations can vary, but they all offer the same basic services. They have toilet and washroom facilities, which are vital for those who are travelling long distances. Some of the service stations will even have showers available, so you can feel completely fresh for the next stage of your journey.

For those who need to stop for food, you’ll find a wide variety of options. There are generally the standard service station options of fast food burger restaurants and a cafe that provides breakfast, hot food and sandwiches. As well as the well-known service station brands, there are also some independent outlets dotted around the country. They tend to provide a more unique place to stop and give travellers something different. They often pride themselves on the quality of their food and level of service, such as choosing to stock locally sourced produce or providing healthier options.

Even if you don’t want to make use of the other facilities, service stations still play a vital role for those on long motorway journeys. They give drivers somewhere to safely stop and stretch their legs or take a break, which is essential to do when you’re travelling over a long period of time. They also give you access to convenient petrol stations, meaning you don’t have to search for somewhere to fill up or run the risk of breaking down.

What’s on offer at service station shops?

As well as giving you the chance to rest and have a bite to eat, motorway service stations also have a range of shops and other outlets that you can browse through. You will tend to find a general newsagents, which gives you the chance to pick up some snacks or drinks for the journey, newspapers, magazines and books for those not driving, and travel essentials such as a road map, pillows and guide books.

You can even save money while you’re travelling by using a customer rewards scheme such as Grouptrader. This helps you earn and spend rewards at a number of stores, including some of those based at service stations.

With so much on offer at the UK’s motorway service stations, they provide many advantages to frequent as well as occasional travellers. The next time you need to stop, make sure you take full use of all the facilities they provide to make for a more relaxed journey.

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