Plan Your Perfect Road Trip

If you are taking a long road trip, then you know that you have a lot of time on your hands. If you are going to be spending a lot of time in your car, then there are a few things that you can do to keep yourself entertained and make the trip go by faster.


  • Get a GPS: This one is simple, but useful. Be sure that you have some sort of GPS system in your vehicle so you can easily navigate to your destination. The good news is that many smartphones have some sort of navigation system in them already, so all you’ll need to do is put the address in and drive. Google Maps is the usual go to on any road trip, they are accurate, and provide real time traffic updates. This means they take into account traffic and construction, which helps plan a departure and arrival much more efficiently.

  • Mix in Some Music: If you are going on a long trip, then chances are you will be losing your local radio stations as you get further out. Create a playlist that you can put on through a smartphone or mp3 player. You can also use satellite radio if you have that to find a station that you can listen to. If music isn’t your forte, try to find a good talk radio station, or simply listen to a book on tape. They will all help you pass the time.

  • Comfortable Clothing: This probably goes without saying, but if you are going to be sitting in a car for a long time, then wearing comfortable clothing is a must. Trade out your work clothes for something more comfortable, like jeans or sweatpants. The last thing you want to do is sit in your stuffy car wearing stuffy clothes, like a 3 piece suit! You can also trade your pair of dress shoes for something more comfortable, like Puma’s. If you are going to be spending so much time in your car, you might as well be comfortable.

  • Bring Your Friends: If you can, try to bring some friends along with you. Not only will a group of travel companions give you good conversation, they can also help you with the driving, navigation or other duties. For longer trips especially, having someone who can take a shift driving is a good idea, as it will keep everyone fresh and safe. This also helps avoid unnecessary overnight stops at hotels along the way. That means you can significantly cut down on the time to arrival on those long multi-day trips.

A long road trip is a great way to get to a destination. You will be able to see sights that you normally wouldn’t make time for. Planes and trains are often quicker forms of transportation, but they also don’t allow for the memories that a road trip can build. Follow a few simple tips and make sure that your trip is one that you will remember for a long time.

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