Off Road Adventure: a Map to the World

road adventure in a Ford car (1)



Morocco’s Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert, California’s Rubicon Trail, Colorado’s Black Bear Pass in the United States, and Romania’s Bucegi Mountains, these are some of the world’s best and most desired off-road locations, where many flock to enjoy some 4×4 action. These locations are also the stars of the three illustrated maps designed by Foray Motor Group.


The maps created are a fun look into these off-road destinations, detailing the features of the landscape and the terrain one can expect. Jumping in your SUV and navigating away from the main roads is a wonderful way to explore any country or location, and offers an entirely different prospective from what most people will see.


Foray Motor Group are keen to inspire and motivate people to explore the world in new ways and know that a good vehicle is the perfect way to do so. Highlighting the Ford Kuga in these series of maps, they have created fun and easily sharable content that won’t be all that helpful for navigating but will certainly set you off down the right path.


If you enjoy the maps, please feel free to share them around and spread the word about these fantastic off-road adventures.

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