Independence on the Road with a Quality Used Car

If at the age of 17 you get your child a provisional licence and a series of driving lessons, don’t be surprised if it leads to a request to borrow the car. The plus side is you may have a willing driver if you and your wife go out with friends for a drink and need to get home. Even if you wife is concerned about her first born starting to drive she will get no support from that first born if you are intent on buying him or her a car as an 18th birthday present or a reward for passing exams.

road safety

Road safety

There should really be no cause to worry. There is a much more responsible attitude to driving on today’s roads. General safety is emphasised all the time. Whereas in the early days the breathalyser was unpopular, society has gradually accepted it as good legislation and people tend to frown on anyone that insists on drinking and driving. It is something that is as effectively policed by friends and family as the authorities themselves.

A reliable runner

The most important thing is to find a quality car that will be reliable. Insurance tends to be fairly expensive when the main driver is young and fairly inexperienced and that is an obvious factor in the decision about what car to buy. If you find a company with a website with plenty of vehicles to choose from that is perhaps your first step.

You want to see a website that is easy to navigate and can interact with you when you begin your search. Perhaps if you have a figure in mind you might want to search purely by value but if you balance cost, engine size and age you can expect to get some alternatives that take everything into consideration.

There is more to a car than its appearance. You will want to see its service history among other things. If it really is one previous owner, has relatively low mileage for its age and has been regularly serviced it should certainly go on a short list.

Decision time

As long as you are not intending the present to be a complete surprise it is something you can discuss before making a decision and going over for a test drive if the company you select has a nearby location.  There will be nothing to stop you taking along a friendly mechanic if you like, though if the website demonstrates a high level of satisfaction from previous clients you can feel fairly secure.


In addition if there is a period of warranty given with the car that provides security against anything major going wrong in the coming weeks that is a bonus. In some cases you may find there is still some manufacturer’s warranty in place depending on the age of the car you select.

If you go to you will see the company’s presentation of the service it provides. It is possible that a particular car make and model can be sourced if there is no immediate urgency to buy. You will not be committed in any way if you have questions that are not addressed on the website itself.



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