How to Stay Safe in a Road Construction Zone

Both drivers and road construction workers have a responsibility to maintain safety on public roads.

For instance, a road construction company must take the appropriate steps to prevent dangers on the road. Most firms invest time and energy into buying high-quality traffic safety equipment, such as safety cones, barricade lights, and other barriers.

Also, they may reduce traffic lanes, decrease the speed limit, and use the appropriate signage to notify drivers and pedestrians of ongoing work or hazards.

However, drivers of all experiences must take care when driving on any road, especially on highways or roads experiencing construction activity.

Keep reading for helpful advice on how to stay safe in a road construction zone.

Remain Alert on the Road

If you have been driving for many hours, are listening to music, or talking to passengers, it is easy to lose focus or become distracted.

However, you must remain alert when driving on the road, especially if you’re approaching an active construction zone surrounded by visible barriers.

Most road construction companies will use signage and secure the perimeter using safety cones and other types of traffic barricades to shield off an area.

Stay alert for any potential changes on the road to prevent a collision with another vehicle, road construction worker, or a hazardous area.

Reduce Your Speed

Safety cones and barriers will notify drivers of roadworks, but they might not be enough to protect workers and the public.

It is common for the speed limit to be reduced before entering a construction zone, as you might need to travel slowly next to construction workers or on a road or highway with reduced lanes.

Even if you are running late for work or attending an important appointment, you must obey the law and decrease your speed to prevent a collision or an unfortunate accident.

Keep Your Distance from Other Vehicles

Construction zones might feel frustrating when traveling from A to B, but they are often essential for road safety or improvements.

Unfortunately, a reduced speed limit and fewer lanes can frustrate other drivers, causing them to become impatient and less responsible behind the wheel.

For instance, they might attempt to tailgate other cars or crash into safety cones, which can pose a risk to other road users.

For this reason, you must keep a safe distance from other vehicles on the road, providing you with more reaction time if an irresponsible driver suddenly slams on their brakes.

Remember, reducing the gap between vehicles won’t make the traffic move faster, which is why you must allow plenty of room between the car, truck, or bike in front of you.

Also, bear in mind that you must provide more space between your car and a tractor-trailer, as it is easy to move your vehicle into their blind spot, increasing the risk of a collision and injury.

Never Pick Up a Mobile Device

It might feel tempting to surf the internet or send a text or email when traffic slows down or grinds to a halt near a road construction zone; however, you must never pick up a mobile device.

There’s more to road safety than traffic barriers and safety cones near a construction zone, as drivers must be 100% focused on their surroundings.

Using a smartphone or tablet behind the wheel isn’t only foolish, but it is also an illegal mistake that could lead to a serious or fatal injury, and this includes in an active construction zone.

Only pick up a mobile device when taking a break from driving, or once you’ve arrived at your destination.

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