How to get the best car rental deals if aged between 21 and 24

Many car renters usually have rules addressing car rentals to those under the age of 25. This is probably because of worldwide statistics which indicate that drivers under the age of 25 are more likely to get into car accidents than any other age group. Car rental agencies typically penalize these younger drivers with high charges, place restrictions on the cars that they can rent, and ban drivers under 21, even if they have clean driving record good drivers and hold a valid driver’s license. Established companies such as Advantage, Avis, and Budget may rent out with these restrictions. Many of them charge up to $25 per day in surcharges, with pricier vehicles such as SUVs, luxury cars and vans being restricted. Only standard vehicles can be rented by clients in this age-segment.

Car renting Age limits

In Europe, most countries have instituted the minimum driving age limit to be 18 years, but most agencies do not rent out cars to those below the age of 21. They also include surcharges for those between the ages of 21 and 24. In Ireland, the minimum driving-age limit is 24 years, with surcharges applying to those aged between 24 and 26. In the U.S, the minimum age limit for car hire clients is 21 years. However some states like Michigan and New York have the minimum age limit set at 18.

This being the case, if you are in this disadvantaged group and need to get the best car rental deals, here are a few tips:

Compare Prices

To avoid paying high rates, compare the restrictions and charges of car rental agencies as these can vary. Some big rental companies are currently charging low surcharges to provide a competitive advantage. Some even provide special offers where they waive entire charges and allow those between 21 to 24 years to rent out luxury vehicles and SUVs within specified periods. If you are looking for car rentals with branches at airports in Europe, you can check out auto a noleggio aeroporto for price comparisons.

Waivers by companies

Some organisations and companies have accounts with some car rental agencies. Therefore if you work in such a company, find out if you qualify for company rates that usually include fee waivers. These agencies have contracts which enable employees to rent at discounted prices and do not include any surcharges due to age. It is also important to know that government and military personnel are also allowed to rent cars if they are aged 18 and above with no surcharges.

Try smaller agencies

There are smaller agencies throughout Europe that rent cars to those under the age of 21 years and under 25 at no extra costs. Most of the agencies however require that the drivers have at least 3 years experience in driving and have a clean driving record. You can also search online to find independent companies in your destination that are willing to rent out. You can look at the websites or visit them to find out their specific terms and conditions in regards to age.

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