Getting the perfect low-powered vehicle for you

When you’re not interested in hitting the road with a high-powered Harley or pulling tricks with a nifty dirt bike, choosing a lower intensity vehicle such as a moped or scooter can be a great option for those less fuel-injected moments in life.

Vespa While they might be lower on power and speed, a moped or scooter can be perfect for the casual rider interested in darting to the shops quickly or skimming around town for a while.

These lower-powered vehicles have really proven themselves to be reliable, safe and somewhat easier to handle than a heavier motorbike. So, in the realm of mopeds for sale, here are a few of the finest.

Vespa LX12 3V

Probably one of the most well-known scooter brands in the world, the nippy Italian Vespa LX12 3V is imbued with all the hallmarks of quality that come with such a great reputation.

With a potential top speed of 60mph, and featuring a long-stroke 125cc engine with three valves, this Vespa stands as a testament to the iconic brand’s reputation for durability and, although it has a hefty price tag, is the perfect option for a quick jaunt around town.

Baotian Monza 50

Designed to look like the traditional Italian style of moped, the Baotain Monza 50 is a four-stroke 50cc that cuts a sprightly figure on the roads, and has enough seat space to hold two people. It is also the ideal moped for the budget rider, with a standard Monza 50 coming in at around £1299.

It’s a machine that’s designed specifically for a shopping run or short city-based journey, with a reasonable level of under-seat storage and a luggage rack fitted to its back.

So, while you won’t be hitting the motorway with a Monza any time soon, you will have a bike that is perfectly fit for purpose in the city.

Yamaha TMAX 530

Falling into the category of a “Maxi-scooter”, the Yamaha TMAX 530 straddles the divide between a scooter and a motorcycle, with a 530cc engine and sleek design aiming to reach those heady heights of a sport bike while still appealing to the day-to-day driver’s needs, and a top speed of over 100mph.

Honda Vision

The Honda Vision is a great scooter for fuel economy, taking only about 120mpg if you can be restrained with the throttle, and with a top speed of around 50mph, it’s ideal for the shorter journey.

Add to this the usual cracking dealer support from Honda, and what you have is a scooter that’s easy to ride, cheap (standard RRP comes in at around £1800) and with a stable performance that can make for a comfortable ride.

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