Difference between Automatic and Manual Cars

Those that have experience in driving have a good understanding of automatic and manual cars and they are able to tell the difference between the two. Majority of the people prefer the automatic rather than the manual because it’s easy to use.

Some time back, automatic cars were quite expensive, but nowadays you can get a good deal from the auto dealers; and you will end buying a car at a cheaper price. It is said that manual cars don’t consume much fuel like the automatic ones. Car accessories and spare parts of the automatic transmissions are a bit expensive and maintenance can as well cost a lot. The manual ones do not need transmission flushes and this helps a lot in saving.

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Repairing an automatic car is a bit expensive. They use only two pedals while the manual use three. The latter ones allow the driver to be in full control. For those with great driving skills, they will always prefer the manual style. A lot of people think that going for manual transmission is old fashioned and this has made majority of them to go for automatic.

Manual cars work by using the clutch system that helps to transfer the power from engine to the transmitter. When the wheels do not turn and the engine is running in low RPM, the car pulls violently and this can kill the engine. To avoid a situation like this, it would be good you go for the auto ones. They are not readily available everywhere, so it’s advisable to get used to the clutch system especially if where you live there is lots of traffic. Nowadays, dealers are offering automatic transmissions at a cheaper price. But the manual ones will be a good deal to those who have low budget to invest.

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