Car Parts Owners Commonly Neglect to Maintain

Not maintaining your car properly could result in dire consequences in the long run. Neglected vehicles are most likely to experience malfunctioning of some sort, thus putting the safety of the driver and passengers at risk. While most car owners do take time to perform routine maintenance tasks—such as checking the tire pressure or changing engine oil—there are still parts of the car that goes largely unnoticed. Here is a list of car parts that owners are most likely to forget to maintain properly:1

Windscreen and Wiper Blades

When was the last time you checked the windscreen glass or the wiper blades? Car owners are often preoccupied with the engine or the tires, they tend to forget the crucial task of making sure the windscreen and wiper blades are as they should be. Check the glass for cracks every once a month. The wiper blades should be checked every once a month as well. Turn them on, even if it’s not raining to see if the blades rotate properly. The blades should be able to remove water droplets effectively. Take the vehicle to a professional auto glass shop like Instantwindscreens Brisbane for an expert check-up. Problems in the front glass shield could result in driving and safety issues later on. Also, you probably don’t want to find out when it’s raining that your wiper blades don’t actually work.

Tire Treads

Car owners routinely check the tires for pressure and related issues. But do you often check the tire treads as well? The treads of car tires get worn out with use naturally. However, this wearing out should be even with all four tires. If one tire and tread problems while others don’t, then your car is at risk of sliding off or manoeuvring difficulties while on the road. You should have an auto mechanic check the treads of problems at least once every three months. You can do a simple test to check the tread durability at home too. Take a penny or a small coin. Place the coin between the treads of a tire. If the coin manages to stay lodged in between, or if the tread height comes at least halfway up to the coin, then the treads are fine, for now. If the coin rolls off, then you need to take your vehicle to the mechanic. Rotating tires can keep the wear and tear of treads even.

The Brakes

Obviously, the brakes are one of the most important parts of your car and these should work in tip-top shape for your vehicle to be in roadworthy condition. The brakes in your car are connected to a complicated system. To maintain it properly, you need to change brake fluid as recommended by the owner’s manual that came with the car model. Take your vehicle to an auto shop to make sure that brake fluid doesn’t need replacement.

Change the Oil Filter

You may change the engine oil as recommended, but do you change the oil filter as well? Debris and residue can get stuck in the oil filter between changes. Therefore, when you change your engine oil, make sure the oil filter doesn’t need replacing as well. Your car’s user manual will have more information about how often you should replace the oil filter.

In addition to performing routine maintenance tasks, never neglect the parts mentioned above.

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