American Automotive Service A Leading Member of the VPA

American Automotive Service Solutions (AASS) got its Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) certification way back in 2011. Then, why are we talking about this old accomplishment when other American Automotive Services Solutions reviews are discussing the company’s fresh strides? It’s because the majority of AASS’ competitors or other auto warranty firms still don’t have the prestigious certification.

About Vehicle Protection Association and American Automotive Service Solutions

VPA is a non-profit trade group that represents firms active within the vehicle service contract sector. The association includes marketers, service contract finance firms, insurers, administrators, software providers, etc. It ensures regulatory compliance, educates consumers about their rights, protects consumers, and makes sure the automotive service industry’s integrity is intact. AASS, on the other hand, is a leading vendor of automobile service contracts. The firm has been around since 2008 and is known for its customer-centric business approach.

AASS’ Entry into VPA

VPA announced on February 15, 2011 that American Automotive Service Solutions has become a member of its growing list of certified automobile service contract providers. VPA is a governing association that was set up to promote education and accountability, and regulatory transparency relating to the marketing and servicing of automotive service contracts. To ensure the consumer protection measures are always in place, VPA came up with a stringent certification program that comprises a comprehensive and detailed third party audit.

AASS was able to pass the test with flying colors since it has always focused on offering its customers the best policies, coupled with excellent service. The opportunities that the company has received over the years is purely due to its strong industry reputation, and which the company is not willing to let go anytime soon. Any service company’s performance and reputation lies in how happy its customers are. If the service deteriorates and the customers feel disappointed, it would not take much long for buyers to deviate and look for another service provider.

According to VPA, AASS has consistently exhibited its commitment to consumers and the industry at large, by always resorting to the right practices and measures. And which is why getting a VPA certification was not much of a stretch for AASS.

There are different auto warranty firms on the market. However, not all are acknowledged or certified by VPA. The ones without the certification may have tried to earn the recognition, but probably they may not have exhibited the traits required to be a VPA member. To make up for this shortcoming, these non-VPA auto warranty companies offer their services for a lesser price. Since quite a few customers still give more preference to cost over quality, such non-recognized companies manage to exist.

VPA advises consumers to stop encouraging firms not certified by VPA. They are advised to work only with VPA-certified companies if sub-par service is not what they need. VPA-certified firms’ business practices and operations have been assessed by independent auditors. The review team comprises professionals who have special training and experience in auditing operations of different firms. These independent auditing personnel intensely scrutinize firms to ensure the companies are in strict adherence to federal and state laws pertaining to the automotive industry, besides checking their conformance to VPA’s conduct standards.

Once these firms have completed and passed the certification audit program of VPA, they are legally permitted to showcase the VPA certification logo on their marketing materials and websites. The certification logo has tremendous value and repute in the industry. It basically is an official confirmation that consumers are in good hands when in business with VPA-certified automobile service contract vendors.

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