5 Benefits of Having Your Car Washed and Detailed Regularly

Most people make an effort to wash their car on a fairly regular basis, whether they do it on their own in the driveway or take it to a car wash. And this is definitely a good place to start. But simply washing your car once in a while is not enough. You also need to wax the body, Armor All the tires and interior surfaces, and get the entire vehicle detailed on a schedule. You might not think that all of this is necessary, but if you want to keep your car in the best condition possible, regular washing, waxing, and detailing is essential. And if you think the cost of this maintenance is too high, you should know that you’ll gain several benefits in the process. Here are just a few reasons that should help to convince you to keep up with a schedule of frequent washing and detailing.

  1. Car WashedKeep your car looking gorgeous. The reason most people wash their car is to keep it looking clean and beautiful. After all, you don’t want to drive around in a vehicle that’s covered in dirt, oil, and grime, not to mention whatever other environmental contaminants find their way onto your paint job and your windows. So regular cleanings are a must. But over time, even washing your car won’t be enough to remove spots of resin, surface scratches, and caked on bird droppings. So if you want to keep your automobile looking it’s best, adding a coat of wax every three months or so is a good idea, as are annual detailing appointments to deep clean your car inside and out.
  2. Maintain finishes. In case you didn’t know, the environment can be pretty rough on the finishes on your car, from the clear coat and paint on the body to the rubber of your tires to every interior surface. And there’s more to it than the mud you track on the floor mats and the food you dribble between the seats. Not only can dust and debris from the outside world break down paint, but the sun can dry out your dash and fade your upholstery. Using the right products for cleaning and detailing can help to protect and maintain every surface in your car by preserving the original finish and preventing the damage that might otherwise occur from regular wear and tear.
  3. Prevent major deterioration. Cleaning and detailing not only allows you to keep up the appearance of your car and protect the finishes from daily deterioration, but it also helps to stop major problems that could result from more serious damage to your car, such as scratches, dings, and dents that can quickly turn into chipped paint and even rust, depending on weather conditions. Detailing is not necessarily designed to fix such problems, but applying temporary sealants can help to protect your car until you can get into the shop for needed repairs.
  4. Restore your car to like-new condition. Over time, your paint job will dull and your interior will start to look dingy. But regular cleaning and detailing can help restore your car to shiny, like-new condition in no time.
  5. Preserve resale value. In all honesty, your vehicle is going to lose value the second you drive it off the dealers lot, and it will continue to lose value the longer you own it. But when you keep it in good working order with regular mechanical maintenance you’ll help to preserve the value, and the same goes for cleaning and detailing. When you ask around for word of mouth auto detailing services in your area you can keep your car looking great. And this will only help when it comes time to sell your car and trade up to something new.

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