3 Parts that control the timing of your engine

The engine is the most important part of your car. Comprising of a plethora of parts, engines need to be given exceptional care to generate the best results. Besides the running of the car, many parts under the bonnet are there to ensure that your car has exemplary engine timing.

The timing of your engine is a major factor in setting the right impression on your friends seated in the car. An engine which fails to respond to the turn of the key requires massive upgrades in respect to the parts, as it can leave you embarrassed in front of your mates. Thus, to save this embarrassment, it is recommended that you check up on the 3 most important parts present in the engine, which control the timing of your ignition.

Spark Plugs

The smallest and perhaps the most neglected car part present in your vehicle are the Spark Plugs. These small nut shaped plugs can wreak havoc to the timing of your car, if proper care is not given. The Spark plugs create a fast and powerful doze of electricity, which can ignite your engine into power. The Spark plugs are responsible for forcing electricity to the combustion, so checking up on these little dynamites is the best way to go about the problem.


The crankshafts manage the herculean task of translating the linear energy produced from the ignition into rotational energy to eventually propel the movement of the wheels. The pistons which are linked to the engine are also attached to the crankshaft. Thus, he vertical movement of the pistons is provided through the efforts of the crankshaft. Considering the gravity of the work that the crankshaft does, it is best that you replace it immediately in case of a discrepancy.


The camshafts control the amount of petrol entering the engine, thus the responsibility of ensuring that the fuel injections are accurately timed, falls on them. The camshaft and the crankshaft work in conjunction to generate the best timing and feasibility for your car.

Having mentioned the car parts which are in control of the timing of your engine, it is best to mention the signs which tell you that your engine timing is off and you need a replacement for one of the above mentioned auto parts.

Some prominent signs, which signal that your engine timing is under threat, are:

  • Thick smoke from the tailpipe: Thick smoke from within the tail pipe can signal to a lot of problems within your car, one such problem can be of the deteriorating engine timing.
  • Continuous engine vibrations: Continuous vibrations can come from either rugged disc wheels or problems with the engine timing, both the situations call for extensive attention from your side.
  • Poor fuel economy: Poor fuel economy is one thing which is directly linked to the poor timing of your engine, because of the depletion of the parts mentioned above.

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