3 Essential Safety Criteria You Need for Your New Car

If you’re looking for a car which is as safe as it is luxurious or sporty, then you need to make sure that the vehicles you’re looking at have the relevant safety features.  You’d be surprised by the large number of safety features kept secret inside your car, so to help start things off, we’ve compiled a list of the 3 essential safety criteria you should look for with your new car.

Antilock Brake System

Most brand new cars come standard with this feature. In essence, the job of an antilock brake system is to prevent your car’s wheels from locking when you have to emergency brake.  If you’re looking for a standard family car, if it comes with ABS it will have 4-wheel ABS, to maximise traction.  If you’re looking for the very best ABS, you need to look for one which contains brake assist, too, as this enables your car to switch to using its ABS more readily when necessary.

Electronic Stability Control

To prevent your car from veering off the road as a result of spinning out, one of the best safety features you can have is electronic stability control.  This is a feature which senses when your car is beginning to spin out from traction loss and automatically applies the brake of one wheel to prevent veering.  This is an important feature as it doesn’t require any human input – it operates by itself.


It’s no secret that the weight of your car in an important factor when you’re looking to keep you and your passengers safe.  From this angle, the safest kind of domestic vehicle you can purchase would be an SUV, as these are known for being built with extra sheet metal that absorb shock. Of course there’s then the problem of pleasure of driving, because heavy-handling vehicles such as SUVs are not particularly fun to drive, so it’s all a matter of preference: safety verses style.

If you’ve been thinking of upgrading your car for something a little safer, you’ve now got 3 essential criteria for your next purchase. Ultimately, however, you can never be 100% safe, so you need to make sure you protect your new investment with quality insurance from a company like One Sure.  This way, you’re not taking any risks and you can have total piece of mind.

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